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My First Inspection after nuc installation

Sorry if wrong section.

I just did my first inspection today after transferring the Nuc 8 days ago. It was a little bit harder with my 3 yr old next to me but he loved every minute of it.

I didnt spot the queen which is marked but then again i was trying to watch a couple of things at once and didnt want it open for too long. I did see young larvae and also eggs so she will be around there somewhere.

They were very busy building out the frames i put in there. one frame was all messed up. the foundation on the frame is on the hottest side of the box and i obviously didnt put the wire into it enough and it slipped out so was a bit of a mess on that side but thats all good. something to learn from :grinning:. maybe i should melt some wax into there also to hold it.

Out of 10 frames there was only 1-2 frames which were just getting started with comb building. brood pattern looked pretty good. plenty of honey also. and i only found 1 hive beetle in the corner which i squashed. so all in all pretty successful. i wish i saw the queen though. maybe next week :slight_smile:


Hey John, Iā€™m jealous.

Those frames, compared to the ones I have installed about a month ago are awesome. Mine are nowhere as close as those in brood numbers and honey stores.

How did your son go in the new suit? He looks like he really enjoyed it!

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They were going really well and the frames they had drawn out were taking really good shape and storing lots of nectar so it was a good site. pretty happy with how fast they are moving. just wanted to see the queen so i could get a good photo of her to show the family.

He had a ball with it. he got really excited once a few bees crawled on him. thats what he wanted to happen the whole time lol.


Kids interacting with nature give me immense joy. I get sad when I see them scared from little critters, often encouraged by their parents.


Beautiful looking frames there John. Your girls are doing a great job.


It all looks good John, and good that you are involving the young chap in bee keeping. You certainly have a laying queen so maybe next time you do an inspection she will be found. Always look on the shady side of the frame first, queens are not into sun-baking.:grinning: Obviously some nectar about seeing the nectar in the cells.

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@JV180SX it all looks like a fabulous start! Your son has just experienced a taste of what makes us truly rich - a useful skill and the wonder of nature :cherry_blossom::honeybee:


Thankyou all, i was pretty happy with how its all looking. already looking forward to doing my next inspection. once i do that i will hopefully have a few more photos to show the progression and hopefully a photo of the queen this time. i will do it without my son this time so i can have a better look and not watching him in the corner od my eye the whole time lol.

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