First timer, nuc in its new home

I am a first time bee keeper. In Round Mountain, TX. I just picked up my first nuc from Texas Bee Supply. Wow! Healthy looking hive and super friendly staff helped me at pick up.

I just got in from putting the five frame nuc in my Flow Hive. Was nervous but moved slowly and it went pretty well for having zero unit of measure to compare to.

I plan on giving them one week to get settled in before I do an inspection. From my first, shaky hands, first time ever being swarmed around look, I was able to find my queen, saw some caps (still figuring out if it was honey or brood - total newb like I said)

Will try and get better photos in a week upon my first inspection and post them up for assistance. Do I need to inspect sooner? Figured a week would let them really calm down from the drive and start getting to work uninterrupted.

Thanks all.


A week should be fine, as long as you put empty frames in the brood box to fill it up. :wink:

Thank you. Yes, my five frame nuc was positioned in the center and three bare frames were added so they have expansion room.


Congratulations on becoming a new bee dad! :blush:

Hello and congratulations on your new bee family. I’m also new. Here’s a picture of honey and brood. Top is capped honey and bottom is capped brood. Hope that helps. If you see shiny, clear liquid in the cells, that’s nectar.


Did an inspection Sunday morning. What a good looking hive. Already they have small sections of new comb on the blank frames. Queen is laying as I saw new eggs. Small section of capped honey, lots and lots of capped brood.

Even brought in some scrapings of comb that was on top and “refined” it. Thanks for the advice all.


Great pictures! That is a beautiful hive. Isn’t it amazing how absolutely perfect the new comb they build is?