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My flow give roof is letting water in


Hey guys… Is there any sealant or wood glue that I should use on the roof of my flow hive to stop letting water in? I’m picking up my bees at the end of the week and test tried the hive in the rain… Not a lot gets in, but enough to make me worry…

Should I cork it up with sealant? And if so, what would you recommend?


Stick a flat metal roof on it. Not as pretty but it works and you don’t have to worry. Gotta be a good reason for most Langs to have this type of roof.



Yes I found water proofing was pretty poor.
I used sarking on the inside and made sure it extended down the sides. Then had condensation problems, so had to put holes in the top again to vent out the ridge and a hole in the front and back triangular sections.
I then screwed a thin sheet of aluminium to the wooden top completely covering it and extending about 50mm over the sides. The thin aluminium bend easily and conforms to the shape of the wooden roof.

I took the precaution of removing the wooden capping and stamped in a little rounded “tunnel” with a round bar about the size of a pencil along the ridge. This allowed venting at the top.

If you can’t be bothered fiddling about like me ( I just love doing things the hard way) @Rmcpb suggestion above is a good one.



I used some silicone caulking along each of the wooden tiles, inside and out. It seems to have done the trick - we’ve had some doozy rain storms, yet I haven’t seen any leaking.

Now condensation? I will probably re-read Busso’s post about venting ideas…



Try a Warre quilt for the condensation. I don’t even think about condensation or heat with that insulation in my roof.



Hiya Rob, I’ve looked up the warre quilt but can’t get info that I can get my head around… Could you give some more info using this method on Lang hives please?


Hi @skeggley, you can always make one yourself, that way you would be sure it would fit. I gave the link to step by step instructions from Rusty Burlew in this post:

The concept is that you make a very shallow box with canvas across the bottom of the box. Some people put vent holes in the side of the box. You fill the box with absorbent insulating material, like wood shavings, then any winter condensation gets absorbed and doesn’t drip back down onto the bees. Very simple - you just put the box on top of the hive, under the roof and leave it there all winter.


Hi @skeggley
If you want some good shavings and you have access to a chain saw cut a log with the grain. As against cutting across for a round disc. You don’t get sawdust but shavings but needs care for kickback.
Other source is a cabinet maker. They have good shaving from planers and thicknessers.


Dawn gave you the good oil. I use layers of hessian sacking as insulation with vent holes covered with flywire. I also use flywire instead of canvas in the actual box as well. I also leave it on all year as it insulates the hive from the hot roof in summer.