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My flow hive is bigger than your flow hive

Some Sunday fun :joy:


Looking good Dean :star_struck::+1:

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I posted this silly pic in a Flow group on Facebook and all I’ve had are corrections and lecture. Jeez some people need to lighten up. It’s only for fun.

I put an extra box on top to help the bees have more space and to help keep them cooler - it has helped with the bearding and capping. I figured if I am putting the extra super on there I might as well have flow frames in it - they have completed the cells but have only been filling the first flow super.


Brilliant :ok_hand:

I don’t see any harm using more than one Flow super. Not that I’ve tried it (yet). I’ve friends who have 5,6 standard supers on just from the spring flow in the UK.

I might have some fun next season and test out double Flow super.


It’s the size that counts, as they say :slight_smile:
Oh wait… :thinking:

Would love to hear how it goes Dean - definitely no problem to have two supers if the local conditions and colony strength allow for it.

Desperate for some Flow action this year. Big expectation at work with all the build up.

Second full FlowHive goes into action this Friday so that’s 2 full flows and another hive with a flow super.

Weather has been brutal here this year. Just checked my hives at home and supers have been stripped.

So much for comb honey this year :sob:

Ahh that’s not sounding good Dean! Yes your Summer is looking a bit like our Winter over there, that’s a bit dismal :frowning:
Sorry for the slow response, got a bit caught up with end of financial year tasks…
Let us know how the new hive goes?