Bees didn't think the flow frame held enough honey

I pulled the super off today and the frame closest to the window was bulked up. Sure makes for a heavy frame

Anyone in the South coast nsw area. Wondering when you pull your super around here.


Hi Guss,
I had the same with one of my frames. The bees seem only mildly interested in the one flow frame (no others). They extended out the comb but hadn’t capped it. Have you tried to harvest it yet? If so any issues with it?

All six frames were fully capped. I have just finished harvesting them with the super off the hive, inside the house. The first year I had the hive, I had a queen die, slow growth and only put the flow super on late summer. The bees didn’t touch it. This season I have had two full harvests. All the honey came out without a problem and the built-up side is empty but still capped. I was worried that it would rupture, sending a flood of honey through the hive, which is why I took the super off.

Now to clean up the wax. Got half a bucket of honey too. 15.5kg.

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That’s great news. I was worried it might rupture too and flood back down the bees’ side - but worth taking off the hive to harvest just in case. I’m not far away from harvesting so will keep you posted. Thanks for the info.

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