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My Hive Swarmed, Now What


I had an experienced beekeeper inspect my hive that was started in late March and his verdict was that I have had a swarm based on queen cell that had hatched. His advise was to just wait a week or more before checking to see if a new queen was present and laying. I was surprised he did not suggest buying another queen to speed up things but I think his concern was that I would not know if a new queen had been provided by the brood itself. I’m just so dissapointed as I really thought I was doing better than that during my inspections which I have done faithfully every 7 days.


Hi Chet, I’d offer the same advice. Did you see a dramatic drop in population? Like a 50% drop? because if you didn’t see that, maybe the queen cell was an emergency queen cell. You may have inadvertently killed the queen during an inspection. Keep an eye on it, it might take a couple of weeks before you see any eggs or larvae. It takes a while for a new queen to lay on every brood frame. If you don’t see eggs on the first frame you inspect, there could be eggs on another frame.


I agree
You would have had to find your virgin queen to despatch her.
How many queen cells were there?


Odds are there is a virgin queen loose in there and if you bought a queen it would be a waste of money and a waste of a queen as the bees will kill your bought queen and keep their own virgin queen. The timing, however, is another issue.


From the time the hive swarmed until you will probably see a laying queen is likely to be two to four weeks. The old queen usually leaves just after the first queen cell is capped, which means 8 days later you will have a virgin queen. Two weeks fater that she is likely to be laying. So most likely it will be three weeks.


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