My new queen is just hanging out outside the hive!

My hive swarmed last week
I came to check on them this
Morning and found a queen just relaxing alone outside the hive
I froze
Is she back from a mating flight?
Is she going to a mating flight?
Has she been kicked out? Is that why she is alone?

My gut feeling is that I should not interfere
But I’m tempted to put her inside!

What to do???

Here she is

Leave her alone. The queen has to orient also so she’s probably working things out!


Thanks chau06!!
I did
She flew away circled the hive and returned I spotted her on a frame while I inspected the hive this morning.
The bees were busy and very calm.

Nature certainly knows best!

If this queen is flying she hasn’t mated yet. Once they’ve successfully mated and are in laying mode, they can no longer fly. This is probably not the queen you originally purchased.

How does the queen get back to the hive after mating then?

It takes a few days after mating for final maturation and I suppose ovarian development, sperm storage, and egg production.