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My new swarm has built comb onto the top cover

Good day to you. I have a flow hive 2 in Portugal and I have just put the super on and it is thriving. Previously I had another hive in which I put a swarm which I got from a storm drain in a neighbors house. That swarm died out last winter. Anyway, I cleaned of dead brood and then placed them back in the hive. I never filled the hive so there must have been a gaped of about 3 frames. One day a swarm turned up and decided to occupy the old hive. I left them alone and decided to wait a little until they settled. Unfortunately I broke my leg doing something else and had to spend a few days in hospital. In the meantime my son whatsapped me and showed me what was goinf on. The bees built a large amount of comb in the gap where the missing frames were, and attached to the top cover. I now have a dilemma: do i leave the bees to fill out the box or do i cut the comb loose and try to attach it to some frames (it is much wider than 1 frame). I also need to treat the bees because I have no idea where they came from. If I want to do an inspection I need to remove the cover, of course, and the whole comb will still be on it. May I have some advice please?

If there isn’t any capped brood then you can do an oxalic acid treatment for mites with good results.

Fix the comb as soon as possible, it won’t ever get any easier. When you lift the cover have your smoker ready and prepare to cut the comb off or lift out multiple frames that are all cross-combed together. If you have large enough pieces you can cut it out and rubber band it into some empty frames. Make sure you maintain the top-bottom orientation.

If there is comb that is mostly in the frame but is wavy or bulging you can remodel it or smoosh it into place.

Thanks. I will invite the local beekeeper to come and do it then . I am kind if immobile with a broken leg. Many thanks