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N NSW Australia, what do we expect the bees to do in April? Nectar/pollen to be found?


I tried to find information on April nectar/pollen occurrence in subtropical Australia and didn’t find a great deal of relevant info. Perhaps it is more important to know when our bees start to slow down for winter, but my guess is if there is something for foraging they will be out.
My questions stem from inexperience, only a beek since 26 Nov 2016, so don’t have a season under my belt yet.
I have one strong one brood box hive with all flow super frames almost all filled by Italians, and purchased a rather weak carniolan nuc 11 Feb. Gave that nuc a brood frame from the strong one.
I am asking from locals what to expect as I have to go away all April, and want to prepare for the bees to be well without my attention.
I usually clean the core flute board daily. I used apithor and I never see a SHB any more. There are wax moths, but so far the bees manage them. There don’t seem to be any in the new nuc, reduced their entrance to about 2.5cm for now and have the core flute in the upper slot.
The nuc (Carniolans) have a lot of honey stored in their 4 frames.
There were a lot of pollen and nectar coming in in recent weeks. For some reason the bees now bring a lot less diversity of pollen, but still look heavy with nectar. I know they have good pollen stores, but when do they need extra feeding?
Before going away, what do I need to look out for? What is the bees’ outlook locally in terms of gathering?
It is getting a bit dry currently, but we expect some good rains in a few days. Does that usually encourage pollen or nectar around here this time?
My questions may appear rather unobservant, but I never had a reason previously to look out for these things.
Oh, I live next to a National Park and my bees don’t have much access to urban plantings.
I learned a lot via this forum and the links you all provided.
I am hoping some people knowing about this area will chirp in. And others will perhaps provide some helpful links I could look up.
Thank you all in advance. I treasure all input.


I know this won’t help you just now and I hope others can but it’s a good idea to keep a plant blooming diary. I have done just that for a couple of years before I started a hive and ever since. When we moved here I got my running shoes on and had a look at what trees were where. It’s been invaluable


@Dee yah, had my running shoes on in the past, yet never looking for the flowers other than pretty. Bit old and rickety now to put those shoes on and have my nose and eyes more up there instead of the track.
Yet, that diary is a splendid idea, even if I start small with the trees we planted around the place, whose names I have forgotten. Been busy recently with identifying, but what we have in the national park is a great mystery yet. Was thinking of contacting the national park office, coz they should have identified what is growing here I would think.
I remember in the past some beekeeper put a fair number of hives up near here in the national park, which makes me think we must have something worth while for the bees. I don’t think they are allowed any more.


Hell…that’s a pity
Tell us what you find in the end :slight_smile: