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Cold start to Spring. SW Western Australia


This has been the coldest September since records started here. That’s on top of a very cold wet Winter, which luckily I was away for.
Today we have had over 100km winds, rain, hail and sunshine in between (not unlike most days in Sept). Poor old bees. In bright sunshine I watched them depart the hive but 30 minutes later gail force wind, rain and hail arrive.
There is plenty of food. Nectar, in the Grey Box trees and heaps of grevileas and a field of yellow dandelions for pollen. They just can’t get at it much of the time.
Fingers crossed thing change soon.


Thanks for the weather update Busso, now we can expect this weather to hit the east coast in about 4 days time.

I am very hopeful of getting a couple of split hives tomorrow from members of my club, then I can get kickstarted, only been waiting since, like Xmas


Hey B

We’re over in Mt Barker and also have had a killer wet and ice cold winter that doesn’t seem to want to end.
One of my hives swarmed as they thought the warm had finally arrived.
Have left mine alone for a few weeks as its just been too cold.

Bring on the sun ,I say!


Hive a Busso, cold, wet and windy here too and same, saw the bees go out during the short sunny periods, who knows how the battled the winds to return.
Earlier in the week when we had a scorching 23° :wink: they were filling the FF ad crowding the super, today nothing…
I’m over these wet weekends, so much to do
Let alone cutting wood for the fire.

Well done Doggies.


I’m up near Joondalup and it is the same sh.t weather here too. I know the bees are fine and all that but it could certainly be alot better…

Regarding the bees, there has been a step change in hive temperature/activity levels…

The temp is degC. The spike is where I checked the hive. The step change is where I started to notice increased activity the other week.


Sydney fan here but I’m real glad that the doggies one, heard that someone put a single $375,000 bet on the Swans - suck eggs to them now !!!


It’s been pretty miserable but my hive has still been pulling in a fair bit of nectar and pollen. Even on the colder days they seem to be up an out and on wet days they are out between rain spells. What happens when there is a torrential downpour? Do all the foragers out of the hive fail to return?

Today is looking like it will be better.


Well done to that person, I wonder if he/she has a similar amount on this evenings game.


I don’t know if they take refuge or not. I think hail would be a big problem for them.


Hi Busso,
We picked up our nuc Sat.morning in Perth and had to wait until a break in the weather here in Pemberton to transfer to our FH on Sunday. Checked on them all day and they seemed to be getting along just fine. The nuc was nice and healthy and active, so we are hoping everything will go ok for our new foray into beekeeping. Once again there is so much rain today it is getting annoying and haven’t had a chance to get out and check on them


A friend lost their lid in the wind over the weekend. Would suggest you put a brick or two on the lid.


Yes very windy this weekend trees down here and there, I was surprised to see the bees still leaving to forage though.
@demak, where did you get your colony from? Try not to open the hive if the temps are <20°c.


Got the nuc from Guilfoyles


Some warm days forecast this week. :slight_smile:


Ok thanks, I’ve had a nuc ordered from there since last year, page 5, hopefully it’s not too far away! They said they would let me know two weeks in advance so at least 2 weeks I suppose…
Warm wet weather @Dunc?


Bit of both. More of the dry i hope.


Yes we had ours ordered for last year also. Our FH hadn’t arrived by the time the bees were ready, so had to wait until this year. We were on the top of the list when we went in on Sat. Deb and Barry are great and Deb will certainly call you when it’s your turn. They have to coordinate the pick ups as the nucs have to be capped, so they will organise a date and time for you.