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Native Bee rescue...maybe

I heard an almighty crash behind my place and upon investigating a massive dead tree had come down. When I walked along the tree I found a Native Bee hive. I don’t know if it needs to bee rescued or not. I did see a big lizard nearby licking his/her lips so having experienced a loss of a nuc from a dragon lizard, I’m putting it out there to everyone for their ideas.

Hi Alan, it’s doable for sure. You can open it up with a chain saw, then find the brood mass before placing it into a box. I have some empty boxes if you want to borrow for a while until you make one. I did one with a bloke last year. There was 2 colonies. We got one each plus I cut the old dead tree up for fire wood.

Sometimes you can split a tree colony, they get that big.

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Thanks Jeff. It’s in the Mountain Creek reserve so I’d reckon I’d have to get permission (and a chainsaw) from the Council before venturing in there. It looks like a large one from the outside and I’m assuming the tree to be hollow as well. I’m thinking I’d like a hive. I know there’s heaps that forage around my trees. I’ll keep you posted.


I bet that the council would be duty bound to let you rescue native bees - it is the right thing to do, after all. Knowing the kind of guy he is, @JeffH may even be willing to come and help you with a chainsaw too if he has one. He is just like that, and he has an existing interest in native bees! :blush:

I hope you do go and rescue them. They won’t enjoy the rain if their home has been compromised. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yeah, let me know how you with them Alan. I have a chain saw. cheers

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Thanks Jeff. Very kind of you. I’ll call the council up tomorrow and let you know the outcome.

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