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Would anyone in Somerville, Victoria like some bees?


I have been asked if I would like some bees from a feral hive in a tree which is being removed next week. They are located in Somerville, Victoria. I need to know ASAP, if no one comes forward I will be taking them as they will be poisoned otherwise. It is a n established colony in a large branch, so it will require some work to get into a hive. The property owners are happy for us to take them instead. I’m happy to assist if some one would like them. It’s a long drive with a hive in the car! So would rather they went to a local Beekeeper. If interested can PM me & we can chat on phone, work out a plan, or just post here.


Just want to wish you good luck. It’s always a shame when bees that have looked after themselves for years have to be moved but needs must, I guess.


Hi Kirsten, ditto to what @Dee said.


@Dee & @JeffH Thanks I have the 4 clony wall cutout on the weekend & then this one on Monday. The person that made me aware of these is actually the arborist removing the tree. He doesn’t keep bees himself. Would appreciate any advice either of you can give regarding getting them out of the branch (haven’t seen it yet) & transporting them.


Hi my sister has a holiday house in Somers with one beehive already but has a flow hive spare. Could possibly use the bees but only if she is willing. Brian 0478133800


Hi Brian, can you find out if she’s interested & we can go from there? Will need to be able to come & collect from the site, I can come & help if needs be.


Hi Kirsten, will probable need more information. Is the hive in a branch that is separate from the main trunk? If so, you could do something similar to the possum box. Throw a rope around it & gently lower it down after it is cut. The home-owner might be prepared to pay something to have the hive removed because no one will want to work there until the bees are gone. Let’s hope it’s not too high in the tree, otherwise it could be more trouble (not to mention danger) than it’s worth. Then you have to consider your traveling time as well.


Jeff, the branch I believe has come away from the trunk. The main part of the colony is in the trunk, which the arborist is cutting & lowering down by rope (I hope very carefully!). The arborist asked someone to come & collect them as the tree is staying on the property once cut down, & they were intent on poisoning it. I’ve been trying to get hold of the arborist by phone for a couple of days so I can get some more information. He was going to ‘deliver’ the log with the bees in it (he thought) to me, just putting it in the back of his ute & driving over. I explained that that won’t really work…


I can see that working, but you’ll lose a lot of bees in the process. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if he delivered it to you as long as you got onto it straight away to salvage what you can out of it. I guess the urgency would be if there was any shb around. The arborist must be wearing some sort of protection. I’d be letting him deliver it if he’s happy to do that. Don’t be too worried about what bees you lose. You never know the queen might still be ok with lots of nurse bees & whatever brood comb you can salvage.


He’s bought himself a beesuit, I suggested he might like to keep them himself. I also thought he may just be the person to come & get the 2 colonies up in the pine tree down for me, depending on what it would cost.
It’s a long drive 40-50 mins depending on traffic. I thought it might be a bit hazardous pulling up at lights etc.? I just had an image of him pulling up, me being very excited to get my bees & finding 1 or 2 windblown bees peering over the edge of a 5m section of log! :grin:

On a completely different note. I used one of my favourite stainless steel saucepans with water in it to heat up a small tin of beeswax. I spilled a little bit of wax into the saucepan & can’t get it off the sides, do you have any tips on how to get it out?


Warm the saucepan till the wax is liquid and just keep mopping up with kitchen roll till you get no more. The tiny bit left will disappear into whatever you cook in it next time. Happens to me all the time :blush:


Thanks Dee, will do that, it’s the second one & the one I use the most, of course…


Have you spoken to Jenni? or @TheBunyipBeekeeper


Morning Kirsten, it sounds like @Dee has the right remedy. I haven’t had any experience in that particular area.

There was a good show on “Quantum” last night. The last segment about the arborists saving those parrots in Tasmania. Your right, an arborist would be the best bloke to get those possum boxes unsecured for you.


I tried the arborists who put them up for us (amongst others), as they’re climbing arborists as well & were here habitating some euc.s we had to have doctored, but they weren’t willing to approach anything with bees in it. Lucky find with this guy. It’s been a long search…


Bunyip Beekeeper not available apparently. But it’s all experience, it’s going to be an intense three days of bees! :grinning:

I thought there would have been a few more people perhaps keen though? Maybe it’s because they’re feral bees? However the three hives I have are all lovely calm & healthy bees, couldn’t be happier with them.


Hi Kirsten,
I am a Somerville resident interested in the hive, what day are you looking at doing the cut out?


Hi Chrys the arborist is planning it for next monday. He’s happy to drop the log at person who’s taking it’s place (except where they live as far away as I do :wink:) Do you have experience of cutouts or would you need some help?


I have done possum boxes, but not trees. I will check work commitments on Monday and get back to you


Sure, I think there maybe some flexibility, if you are certain you can take them. It shouldn’t be very different, I tried to call him earlier, but he maybe in a tree working. I am happy to help if you would like.