NE Oklahoma Flow Hivers

I am picking up my 2 nucs tomorrow (5/13). Getting excited, as I know are you.
One thing to remember, the flow boxes are a bit smaller (in width) that the standard Langstroth, so when you try to put your Flow roof on the top brood box (before you add the flow super) you may have a bit of a problem. The roofs are pretty tight fitting in the first place. What I did was build a “feeder shim” that will go just below the roof and will be in place when not “supered”. This will hold a rapid round feeder easily. I found the design of the feeder shim on Frederick Dunn’s YouTube channel. It is a pretty simple design, but will solve the difference in size and also allow top feeding space below the roof. The difference in size is not an issue when placing the larger standard box on top of the flow brood box. Just center it and you will be fine (according to Fred). Flow does sell separate deep boxes, so that is an option.