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Chasing to purchase a nucleus on the Sunshine coast for a Newbie

Hi All,

I am a newbie to European bees and honey bee keeping. Recently purchased a flow hive and are know chasing a nucleus to commence my new hobby. Located Northern Sunshine coast, Queensland.

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Thanks Cooroo-man. For your replay. I ended up calling JeffH. After finding his name mentioned on this forum. He was a great help in securing a Nucleus and provided helps of helpful advice for starting in bee keeping with a flow hive. Highly recommended gentleman.


Clinton, I see you are from the Gympie area.
A suggestion is to attend one of the practical hive management days provided by Valley Bees. There they can help answer your questions you may have including where to source bees. They have a mixture of hive types uncluding flow hives at their sites.
They are a friendly bunch and very welcoming of new participants.

Thanks felmo… I hope to get to one soon

Hi Borgie, not sure if my DM was sent to you, but I just wanted to ask if you could share JeffH’s contact number?

I’ve been trying to call him, but I keep getting a “cannot connect” message.

I’m new at all this as well (Brisbane), but it seems my nearest club is in hibernation indefinitely due to this covid situation.

Thanks for reading.

Hey guys,

Just getting started out. Looking for available nucs. Sunshine Coast area or Brisbane North if anyone.


G’day Elyod,

Welcome to the forum. Have you found a supplier for a nuc yet?

Hi Jeff’s number is 54454602


I ordered 1 from a Sunshine Coast dealer… 4 week wait… which suits me. There is a guy in Gympie, the wsit is 3 months

Jeffs number is 54454602i

Hey Cooroo,

Nope haven’t found a nuc yet.
Hey Borgie 4 weeks isn’t too bad. Which number is for the Sunshine Coast seller?
I’m really quite new and really want to know what I’m doing and get properly set up. So waiting a month or few is perfect.

Jeff at Buderim is doing Italian nucs, give him a call on 54454602 after sunset when he is home from his hives.

Thanks Peter.
I’m at Alex Heads too so nice and close.
Appreciate the help.


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You will find Jeff is a real gentleman and his 4 frame nucs the cheapest by a long shot, they are very calm and I have bought many from him over the years. I’m Coolum Beach, welcome to visit my apiary n have a chat most days.

Thanks Peter. Yeah that would be great. Some first hand experience will be a welcome.

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Thanks for the reply Borgie. Peter48 and Cooroo man have also provide Jeff’s number.

All the best with your new future hive.