Nucs for Sale in New Mexico

Hello all new Flow Hive owners in New Mexico! I am planning to have nucs available for sale in the Spring. I am interested in supplying new beekeepers with the bees they need for their hives, as well as helping them with any questions they have with their new hobby! If anyone is interested in learning more about obtaining bees from a local stock please contact me as soon as possible so we can talk about the options and the benefits of getting bees from a local source. I can send you my contact info if you are interested.

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Dear Tyler
I am a new hand of beekeeper, so I did not know what is the word ‘nuc’ means, would you mind to told me that.
Thank you


@KCAU Nuc is short for Nucleus - being a smaller box of bees with usually a mated queen, Brood in all stages (BIAS) and food/nectar/pollen.

Basically it is a small bee hives worth of bees that needs building into a full hive.

If you are in China you need to contact a local bee keeper to help you.

You should join a local group or club to help get you started. Do you have any bees?

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I might interested. Do you ship and how much is the cost? I get bees already locally but might be interested to try bees from a different scource. Shoot me some cost unless you are only going to be selling locally. I have gotten bees from Texas as well.

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I am near quemado nm — how much are you planning on seling your nuks for ?

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Hey Tyler, still planning on having some nucs in the spring?

I’m from Clovis, NM. I am definitely interested in Nucs for sale