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Nectar Dearth - How good of a flow are you seeing?


Hi all,

In Northern California (San Jose to be exact) and started our hive in April. Things seem to be going well but we’re not seeing any capped comb in the super. Lots of activity, pollen but no honey yet in the super.

In the brood box, capped comb, honey and pollen.

Seemed the population blossomed about 3 weeks ago and is either maintaining or shrinking. Not sure if this is because we don’t have a lot of rain and therefore low nectar flow?

No other major issues readily apparent - very few moths, mites, etc.

What are other people seeing in Northern California right now for new hives?

Honey in the brood chamber/aggressive bees

I’m in Vallejo and I am seeing a huge amount of honey in the brood chambers, but not much activity in the flow frame super. Not seeing much pollen either. My bee friend about 5 blocks away has a lot of pollen and lots of honey, but isn’t using the flow system.


question. is your friends hive new this year? I’m wondering if it is just
the fact that we’re on our first summer?