Hello from California

Hello all. I have some experience with bees but am excited to have found this forum so I can learn more!

Hi Sara,

There a quite a few of us on this forum from California. I am in San Diego, but we have members in LA, Banning, San Joaquin Valley, San Francisco and Marin County, plus others who I have not remembered (sorry!).

Please let us know how we can help you, and welcome! :blush:


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I am Milton Singleton from New Jersey!

Hi Dawn,

My name is Atif. I am from the Bay Area (NorCal). Do you know anyone here around Newark, with a flow hive. I just got mine yesterday. I have still not assembled it. I have never done beekeeping but always wanted to do it. I am looking for someone who I can ask for guidance.



Hi Atif, and welcome to the Flow forum! It seems I have missed a few messages, for some reason, but I am glad to have found yours now. I answered your question on the other thread where you posted it. :blush:

In short, my answer is that I don’t know anyone in Newark, but given your proximity to SF Bay Area, there will be a good bee club for sure in the vicinity. Most bee clubs are operating via video link, even during the shut down, and you may well be able to find somebody to mentor you. I suggest that you don’t mention “Flow” hive, and just say that you have a Langstroth. That is absolutely true - the brood box is a Langstroth. I would also suggest that you look into getting a second brood box, unless your local club says not to do so. Our California weather can result in long nectar dearths, and you may need to fill 2 brood boxes before adding the honey super.

Thank you for your patience. :wink: