Need to buy a bee swarms

Does anyone know how I can buy bee swarms?

Are there any Bee clubs in Kuwait. Try Arab Organization For Agricultural Development (AOAD), and the Kuwait Centre for Bee Research (KISR).

Perhaps they can put you in contact with local Apiarists

thank you for your kind email. I need the bees for Lebanon. I will contact the associations as per your recommendation.

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This is a bee equipment supplier in the Lebanon -

This is about Lebanese beekeepers

Here the local bee club has a swarm list that you can get on to get them for free if you are comfortable collecting a swarm. There are also several members who kind of make a side business out of collecting swarms and them selling them to other beekeepers. (In our area generally after re-queening due to Africanization). Check with your local club to see if you can get on that list, or get in touch with the people who are on that list.

Re collecting swarms.
What do you think the chances are, maybe in the Southern States, that the bees you are catching are scutellata?

From talking to the guys who collect swarms 1 or 2 in 10 will be Africanized to the point of being aggressive. Except for first generation Queens imported to the state though I’d say the chances are much better that the have some African blood in them.

Thanks for that. I was just curious.
An aggressive colony is no joke.

It is interesting that so much aggression still remains in them even after 60 years and thousands of miles. I would think crossing with so many docile hives over that time would have tamed them

Yes, I was reading how trying to dilute the genes hasn’t worked at all. A stupidly unprotected experiment has such far reaching consequences for beekeepers through the country.

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The Africans are a management issue but over all have not really been the enormous disaster that was anticipated during the early migration.