Bee Swarms and FAQ

Hi all.

I’m reaching out to you because I recently published a page called “Bee Swarms & Everything You Need to Know” that answers a lot of the countless questions we beekeepers get on swarms. Plus a link to most states in Australia of beekeeping associations that collect swarms. And I thought maybe some beekeepers here would like to have a look and give me some feedback. The page is at

Thanks in Advance


It may be a lot to read Emmanuel, plus the link didn’t work for me. If you have any questions on swarm related issues, fel free to ask them. Our highly skilled, intelligent forum members are eagerly waiting to help you.


Sorry it should be working now. Thanks

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It worked for me :slight_smile:
Lots of good info there.

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Wow, there is a huge amount of information there… can’t say that anyone needing a bee swarm to be removed is going to read it but I can see you have collated a lot of material there. I do have a couple of links that you seem to be missing. Not sure if you are aware that there is a Worldwide Swarm Collection tool call, members of the public can report a swarm and text message is sent out to the 3 closest registered beekeepers. This is a worldwide free service that is run by a good friend of mine here in Sydney.

You might like to also add the North Shore Beekeepers to your list ( we collect over a hundred swarms from the northern suburbs of Sydney every season.

Hi Rodderick,

Thanks for the info and your feedback.

We put the page together because it is hoped people can use the page as a resource for info on bee swarms. So many times beekeepers collect a swarm and are met with many questions from people that are keen to know more about bees and why they arrived or what to do with them. So the page offers answers to these questions plus more tips where to find beekeepers that will collect swarms.

Yes I havve heard of swarmpatrol. And I have met a few members at NSBKA. Both offer a lot of useful help for beekeepers and the public alike. I think it’s a great idea to add the pages to ours. Maybe a reciprocal link would be a good idea? You can forward our address to the admins of the pages you mentioned and ask them to link to our page too. That way we all help to spread the word on bees. How does that sound?

You are also most welcomed to add your comments to the page in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Thank you


Emmanuel Farrugia


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I’m sure you would get a better response from Swarm Patrol and NSBKA if you contact them yourself and it is original information and not plagiarism.

Hi Peter. Good points you raised. Thanks. Note I was simply replying to Rodderick given he is directly connected to them, but I do agree.

BTW… all the content is 100% unique.

Thanks for your interest

thanks for that, it took a long time to put it together and I’m constantly updating it.

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How many years have you been a bee keeper and how many hives have you got in Flow Hives or Langstroth? Maybe edit your profile so we know where you live and we can better advise you if you have a question or need advice.

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@Emmanuel I’ve sent the link to this discussion to a customer seeking information on swarms - will let you know if there is any feedback from that. Yes, there is quite a lot of information here to wade through but I did find you are hit with the immediately relevant information upfront - so that should help if someone has to deal with a swarm quickly.

@Freebee2 Thanks. This is exactly what I aimed to achieve with this information. Hopefully people can use and share this if/when needed.

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Hi Peter. More good points from you Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

yes I have been slack, & haven’t been on this forum much at all but I will update my profile.


Hi @Emmanuel,
Came across your website today. You did put in a lot of good work. Thank you.
Was watching the cut out from the possum box clip, because today I’m going to retrieve a colony from a bird box that fell out of a tree during storms a few days ago. I’m glad the land owner didn’t call the pest control.
Update: turns out the bird box is a very large possum box. Yay. Couldn’t do it today, big thunderstorms all day and rain. Hope tomorrow will be fine. Must be a large colony.
Question is, should I do a cut out or take the whole box, provided I can lift it.
Since it fell off the tree days ago, I think there may be mayhem in the comb department and possibly SHB invasion.
Hope the rain stops just for tomorrow.