New bee keeper problems

Hey everyone! It’s been a while…

It’s so lovely to see the same lovely people still providing such warm and knowledgable support. How lucky our beekeeping community is to have you :heart: ahh so heartfelt!

I’m jumping on here as Hamish reached out to me for a new Nuc (we live close to each other) and he shared this thread and the photos with me.

I 100% agree with your expertise Jeff and Eva.

It also looks like there were starving worker bees which could have happened after being robbed out. Note that we have also had some considerable rain the last couple of weeks and temperatures/humidity has increased, contributing to SHB numbers.

All that matters is that they didn’t die from AFB for Hamish to be able to start again with this hive, and considering the downfall happened relatively quickly and all of the above likely circumstances, I believe we have a good chance that it wasnt.

Hopefully Hamish has a much better experience second time round :slightly_smiling_face: I’m glad I get to offer my help in person.