New Beekeeper in outer east melbourne

Hi, I have only just started out, received and installed my nuc in the new hive on friday just gone.
The weather since has not been great overcast and a bit of rain, i noticed a bit of activity around the hive on saturday, but near no activity today (sunday). I also noticed about 15-20 dead bees outside the entrance of the hive today. From what i’ve researched i think this is okay. but not sure. Any help or advise would be great. Thank you

Welcome to the forum Casey, there will be natural attrition so seeing 15-20 dead bees outside is normal.

Are the tongues of the bees sticking out? Sometime this can be symptomatic of poisoning.

Bees will choose their days of activity around the weather. So during rainy days they won’t venture out too much.

Take care