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Couple dead bees


So today we had a significant temperature drop and the rain is supposed to leave about 4 inches total. I did my tour of the garden and chickens (and had to lower the duck pond) and of course stopped at the hive. There were two dead bees outside the hive entrance. Is that normal? Why didn’t they go inside? the

the bees in the pic are dead…


It’s normal:
With the inclement weather the undertaker bees just chucked them out the front door.


Thanks Ed. Was hoping it wasnt a big deal.



Like mentioned below or by others, your good there. You’ll usually have several if the undertaker group don’t get them totally over the edge.

Heck ! Wait until this autumn when the bees start down-sizing ! At times you might think the hive Cashed it in ! :wink:. Just keep track of your mite counts so that mess n die-out damage doesn’t take place ( usually later August) … But be checking n watchful.

I think I brushed more than several off two new hives this morning. It takes awhile to learn normals, what n when’s.

Looking great bro,