New Beekeeper in the Ozarks

Hello! I installed a nuc about 6 weeks ago after dreaming of it for years. My queen Cleo has been laying beautifully and my hive has exploded. I am using a 10 frame deep brood box and recently added a super that they have filled out 5 frames of so far. I’m so excited to learn more and hopefully bee doing this for a long time to come!

Hi Heather, Welcome to the forum.

Don’t be frightened to ask any questions. Highly skilled, intelligent beeks are eagerly waiting to answer your questions. Just kidding, I saw a similar line with a photo in a shop once. The photo of the so-called staff wasn’t very flattering.

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Thanks for the welcome, Jeff! I do have a ton of questions. Our local club has erratic meetings and some don’t even meet in person anymore, so it’s hard to find local advice from more than one or two people.

You’re welcome Heather. This forum has been going for over 7 years now, so as you can imagine, every possible topic to do with bees has been discussed. You can use the magnifying glass to ask any question, or simply ask by creating a new topic.