New Beekeepers from Longmont, Colorado

Hello, here are Ana and Vince. We started beekeeping on April 2022. We are looking forward to learning and caring for our bees. Also looking for a mentor close by. Thank you

I’m over by Northridge Elem on 19th. This will be my 2nd fall & winter beeking.
Where are you?
Eric do Bee do Bee do

Hi EricR, Thank you for responding. We are located in Southmoor Park Between Ken Pratt (119) and Bowen Dr.
Unfortunately, our bees died. We are not sure what happened. They were very strong producing lots of honey… last week we noticed that they were not as active and they had been attacked by wasps, within a couple of days our bees disappeared.
We hope we can meet with you sometime. We will be getting bees next year.
Have a fantastic day, Ana and Vince

Hi EricR, I have not heard from you. This is Ana writing. I am very sad we lost our bees. I know the recommendation is to get two hives but I was only able to afford one. I am hoping we can have more conversations and visit each other hives. I am looking forward to next year and also doing a better job for them. My take on beekeeping was to help the pollinators and the fact that I lost my bees makes me feel that I did not help at all. Right now I am cleaning all my equipment and looking over the frames to see what happened. It is so sad to see baby bees dead. : ( Anyway, wanted to touch base and hope to hear from you. We would love to see your apiary and hear of your successes. I also wanted to know, where did you get your bees from? Thank you and have a great day. Ana

Yes, I’d like to get together and chat. However, there’s Covid at our house so maybe the first week of Nov.?
I obtained my bees (via nucs) from Tim Brod of Highland Bees.
Peace and do bee do bee do Eric

Hi, my partner, Vince, just tested positive today, so we are in the same boat.
Feel better soon.
Great! Tim is a friend. I got my nuc with him as well.
Bee Kind and have a great day :sunflower: :honeybee: :sunflower: :honeybee: