New bees with no hive yet

I have been offered a 10 frame nuc from the supplier here in Perth although our flow hive hasn’t been delivered as yet. Should I wait? If I do pick up the nuc what do I need to do until the FH arrives and then how do I get the bees into their new home. I know these questions will have been answered before, so apologies in advance.

Demak, wow ! A 10 frame Nuc is awesome find. Your Flow is only 8 frame brood body unless you ordered the wider 10 frame. Do you have any way to get two 8 frame hive bodies ? With top lid n a bottom board entrance?

If so I’d get the Nuc n set the 8 middle frames in what would be your lower brood hive. And if the last two outer frames are full off honey I’d set those in the second super (upper hive body) in the middle then add the other empty frames with or without foundation to each side of the two drawn out honey frame. You would be on your way in beekeeping. Just a thought. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush my mom use to say. This would get you into the hobby n then work at the Flow Super when it come.

This is just my thots. Maybe others have better ideas or can expand on my idea. You’ll find a lot of different ideas n thots in this new hobby. Most are not wrong just different based on their personal experiences.

I am up Stateside near Seattle so we do use double deep hive bodies here then our honey super which would be your Flow-hive when it arrives. I don’t have Flows yet so I’d probably just add another deep or medium with frame as the second body and at least 6 to 7 of the eight become full.

Hope you can gain something from my ideas. This is one of my 10 frame set up up here. I am waiting for April n 3 Nuc’s here. I am returning to beekeeping after 55 years away. I am very excited and you will be too no matter what path you chose. Just don’t get discourage n enjoy the bees.

Take care n be blessed,

Thanks for your wonderful advice. We decided to wait for the regular nuc that we originally ordered, so hopefully the FH will be here before we get it.