New Beginner Bee Hive

I’m totally new to beekeeping and have been doing a bunch of research over the last couple weeks and I was wondering if it is too late in to try to start a hive for this season or if I should start one at the start of next spring?


I forgot to add. I am in Northeast Texas.

Welcome to the forum Travis, you will find lots of reading here as well as some great folks happy to pass on tips and advice.
My advice is to find your local bee group and join in their activities till you have had some hands on experience. I’m not trying to pour cold water on your enthusiasm but there is a lot to learn about bee keeping that you won’t get on YouTube and so on. It is really heart breaking to have a hive die out thru a lack of experience or understanding how to care for them. Joining a local bee group will give you the knowledge and confidence to bee a better bee keeper next year.


Hey Travis, welcome! It’s great you want to become a beekeeper, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. I second Peter’s recommendation to take your time doing some hands-on learning with a class or local mentor first. Meanwhile you can hang around on the forum, keep picking up tips here and be well prepared for next spring - I’m thinking in your area that people can get new packages in Feb/March? So not really all that long to wait :sweat_smile:
I wonder if you’re anywhere near @Martydallas, who has about five years under his belt as a beek…

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Thanks. I appreciate the advice. My father in law has a local contact that he has know for many years that keeps bees that I’m getting in contact with.

In your opinion as a new beekeeper. Is it a good idea to jump straight into a flow hive or start more basic/traditional?

(I do realize I’m asking this on the flow hive forum so replies could be biased haha)

It doesn’t really matter which you start with, as everything to do with looking after the bees is the same in a Flow hive as it would in a traditional Langstroth hive. Only the honey extraction method differs. Everything that your local beekeepers do in their Langstroth hives to keep them healthy, should be what you are doing with your Flow hive.


Good morning! I am in northeast Texas also! this is my first year, and yes I did start out with a Flow Hive. I live outside of Texarkana. There is a bee organization in Texarkana, meets 3rd Monday of month. I am going for my first time this month. I, too am in need of a mentor and advice. My hive is doing well I think but I still have a lot of questions. Welcome!

Hi Deborah, if you have questions, feel free to ask here. Highly skilled, intelligent beekeepers are eagerly waiting to answer them. I’m speaking primarily about @Dawn_SD & @Eva :wink: :heart_eyes:


Jeff isn’t too shabby a beekeeper either :wink::honeybee::two_hearts: