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New excuse to get an Infrared Camera


I just read this great article on Rusty Burlew’s web site:

If you ever needed an excuse to buy one of those infrared cameras that plugs into a smartphone, this has to be it for the beekeeper! I bought a FLIR One camera for my husband last year, because he was worried about rain leaking in through a wall. The camera can detect the cool wet spot without making the holes in a wall that a humidity detector makes. After we had the leak repaired, he was very relieved to be able to check the wall after rain.

However, now we can use it to check on our bees! Not sure that they will cluster for any length of time in San Diego, but it will keep him busy playing with it. :smile:


A bit expensive though…


$250 is about the same cost as a western red cedar hive, so I see what you mean. But we actually bought it to check on home repairs - if the damp had continued to damage the wall, it would have cost a lot more than $250 to repair the wall again. If we can use it for checking on bees too, so much the better! :blush: