New Flow Hive in Southern Tasmania

Dear all,

I am a total beginner in the Bee Keeping world and keen for some advice.

I’ve bought a full Flow Hive and now seeking to buy 2-3X standard hives to start with then split hives into the Flow in time.

I have an opportunity to buy functional 3 Ideal Hive or 4 Ideal Hive - any benefits / drawbacks to one or the other?

Many thanks for the groups feedback / suggestions

Hi Billy,
I assume you mean they have 3 ideals or 4 ideals per hive, is that right?
If so, I’d say that this will depend on local conditions and colony strength. I’d probarbly go for the 3, you can always add another later if needed.
To start with, you’ll need to get a single brood box well established, once that’s heaving with bees and most of the brood frames built out, add your Flow super next, and then once that fills up you could add another standard brood box, super, or ideal, etc. depending on your climate, nectar flow, colony strength, etc.

Dear Freebee2,

Many thanks for your advice…very much appreciated

Will keep you posted

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