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Adding extra brood box

I was at local beekeeping club last night, Central Coast NSW. The educator stated that never put super on top of 1 brood box. actually said" Flow will never tell you this but this is essential. 'I am confused as all my reading on The Beekeeper.com never mentions this. I am about to had super to 1 very full brood box and am now very confused. Help with advice please. I do note a prejudice against Flow with older beekeepers. Thanks

Some climates need 2 brood boxes, so maybe that is what the educator was saying? Don’t put the Flow super on until you have 2 full brood boxes. That is certainly standard practice in my region, and may be in yours. :wink:

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I’m in Brisbane and have added my super to a single brood box, and it is filling out the super very well.

I’d agree with the above and suggest it’s climate specific.

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Adding a second brood box might also be community specific, because a recent video posted on this forum shows a lady in Guelph, Canada with a Flow hive only using a single brood box, which apparently is not uncommon in that region.

The main thing is to get an understanding of bee culture, plus the reason for using single vs double brood boxes, then make your own mind up.

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Thank you for comments.

Having two hives each with 1 brood box is fine. It gives you flexibility and the opportunity to strengthen or weaken one hive or another make a split to prevent swarming etc. It is also physically easier to do inspections.
We are in Brisbane and have had the same setup for many years and as long as you keep up with general inspections and keep them healthy you will do fine.
Good luck.

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Thank you. I realise that there are many different opinions in beekeeping but a few rules. As a newbie, it is sometimes hard to distinguish between these. Your post was very helpful. I have decided to put the super on my strong hive, nickname ‘Amazon’ and put another brood box on the’ladies society’ slower growing hive and learn as I go.