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New nuc in brood hive

Yesterday I installed a new nuc in a brood hive with 4 empty frames
I have been feeding the brood hive with 1:1 sugar syrup.
I was hoping that this would help the bees to make comb on the new frames ?
Not sure if that is the right thing to do.
The 4 nuc frames were well covered with open honey cells, Capped cells and brood and it appeared that the nuc colony was doing well with numbers.
The weather in Perth is still quite warm, in the low 30th and around low 20th to high teens at night
I expect that we will have mild weather right through to May/June
However, at this time of the year their are not many flowering shrubs or trees.
I am trying to build up the brood hive before the start of winter.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Feeding sugar syrup is a replacement for natural nectar, which the bees use to feed their little ones.

Make sure that you feed internally, NOT externally, especially as you have another hive with a super on, and you do not want your honey tainted with sugar syrup.

If your other hive’s bees are collecting nectar and filling the flow frames, you might not even have to feed at all, but it is not a bad idea to feed anyway and if they don’t need it they will generally leave it there. But you have to keep monitoring as winter comes.

Also, reduce the entrance, and put a robbing screen. I took up @Wandjina advice for a very simple robbing screen and it really worked a treat for me. The design in some other thread.

Hi Zzz, thanks for your reply. I have the feeding tub sitting above the hole on the inner cover on top of the brood box and under the roof.
So that should be ok there.
I have reduced the entrance down to 50 mm and the girls seem to be guarding it pretty well.
I did see robber screen on Olly’s thread, will keep that in mind if robbers look like getting in.
Cheers, G

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Yes, keep an eye on robbing, I was having an ongoing problem, and they can devastate a weak hive (new nuc) in a very short time.

Hmm… Recently made a ten-frame FD hive from four-frame nuc. It was sitting between two strong hives of three boxes each. All it had as a protection from robbing was 70 mm wide entrance. I did not feed it. Three weeks after nuc installation a rather large guy who came to collect it couldn’t lift it alone :slightly_smiling_face:

There is no harm in offering syrup the way you are doing it and if the bees have enough nectar collected in foraging they tend to ignore the syrup. Sounds like your doing it right and covering all the possibles.

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Well, it doesn’t mean it is always like that for everybody everywhere though.

The first nuc I bought I didn’t even reduced the entrance, and in a few weeks I had to put on the super. This year I had an unusual dearth and noticed a lot of robbing on my young colonies. After reading some threads here I’m leaving a robbing screen on now.

The way I installed it, it won’t hinder the bees getting rid of hive detritus, and they seem to beard just as they did before, when they feel like it. I haven’t noticed any robbing since, so I see no reason to remove it yet.

As always in beekeeping: It depends.

Indeed. It is exactly what I meant :slightly_smiling_face:

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And @Wandjina one thing about bee keeping, things can change over night which can really make you scratch your head while the bee keeper is wondering about the new rules of soccer till we tweak the bees have decided to play cricket instead. Things can change in your apiary and we have to figure out why. Have the conditions changed, a stop to the nectar, a local thunderstorm that the bees have sensed that we haven’t heard yet.
There is always something and even subtle changes can upset the girls. :thinking: :smiley:

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