New Nuc installed question

I installed a brand new Nuc yesterday, and since then the bees have bearded out the front of the hive. The same amount of bees has been there all day and night. I just want to make sure this is normal behavior since this is my first hive. Thanks for any help!

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Welcome to the forum! Probably nothing to worry about, common during hot weather. Occasionally you see a sudden beard or increase in bearding when there’s been a feed or honey spill inside the hive. Since you just installed yesterday that doesn’t seem likely, unless you have a feeder inside there?

Nice blue roof :relaxed:

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Thanks for the reply and the compliment on the roof! No feeder installed and I didn’t want to disturb them for a few days after putting them in.

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It can also be a function of how many bees came in the Nuc and whether you used the foundationless frames or added frames with foundation to fill the remainder of the brood super. I suspect that there just isn’t enough flat surface or festooning room within the hive for the bees out the front. Depending on temp/humidity and flow this will resolve itself fairly quickly.