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New queen emerges/mite treatments

My hive decided to requeen and just found the new virgin queen that emerged today. I was gonna do a oxilac acid dribble to treat for mites. Should I wait till she Is mated and laying eggs before I do that? Not sure if it will mess anything up with new queen.

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I would wait, as you say. Oxalic acid is pretty potent stuff and new queens do not have very strong pheromones. The hive may abscond if she isn’t laying. Waiting until you see eggs or larvae is a great idea.


What mite treatments would you recommend? This is my 1st year beekeeping.

I recommend Oxalic Acid Vapor above everything else, but I still think you are correct to wait. Formic Acid (MAQS) is even more corrosive, and I have had a hive abscond after we put Apivar strips in it. Bees are very sensitive with new queens and it is just best not to upset them.

Do you always use the vapor? Or do you switch up treatments. I was told you should rotate between at least 3 different treatments so they dont become resistant to treatments. I’m just trying to educate myself more every day.

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There is no evidence of resistance developing to Oxalic Acid, even when it is the only thing used over many years. A big research study was done on it by a respected team in Argentina.

I do sometimes use Apivar strips if the mite counts don’t drop by mid-Fall. I have tried Thymol and don’t really like it, and I am worried about the 10% queen loss with MAQS. Hops-based treatments are not effective enough for my liking. So Oxalic Acid is top of my list. :blush:


Thanks for helpful tips.

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Love this, me too. I think a really cool thing about all this learning is that it extends well beyond bees and beekeeping!