New split, Nosema?

Hello all. I split my strongest hives into a new 10 frame box this past Sunday. I gave them 4 strong frames of brood with eggs to create a new queen. I also gave them a few good shakes of bees on top of that. Each frame had honey on them as well.

Today (4 days later) I walked down to check them and I found what is pictured below. For more info it has been a bit cool with some rain (North Vic). I haven’t seen too much activity out the front but I assumed due to it mainly being nurse bees that would be the case normally.

On top of that the two stronger hive flanking this one have no signs of this dirty flecks on them.

I fear it may be Nosema, but I have little to no prior knowledge of Nosema and how to deal with it. Some advice please!
I plan to inspec in two days when it’s sunny.


More likely to be either larger poops than normal, or possibly a more ‘average’ form of dysentery, which happens when bees are in the hive for longer periods and have to hold in their excretions. Inspection is still a good idea :+1:

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A more experiencced beekeeper who I spoke to said it is most likely dysentery. He recommended I give them a feeder, which I did very quickly last night. With my brief look I saw that the tops of the frames and the ceiling inside was clean.

Will inspect them tomorrow, should help them for now!

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