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New to bee keeping, Barbados


Hello I’m from Barbados which is hot all year round and dont have a winter .I want to start raising bees but I want to kno if my climate suits raising them


Yes it does. There are lots of beekeepers in Hawaii, Thailand and the Philippines, who also have tropical climates. Plus many in Brazil, Africa and other tropical/subtropical zones.

Your problem will be finding a colony (nucleus or package) to start with. For that I would Google for a local beekeeping club, or live bee removal service (they are often beekeepers).


Thank you …there arent any beekeeping clubs here…I will have to import a starter colony package from the usa


Hi there :slight_smile:

You can do a search online for beekeepers or bee supplies in your area, e.g. google search “bees Barbados”.

Some of the swarm removal companies might have some bees for sale.