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Starting out beekeeping


Good day ladies and gents.

I purchased a few 100 of these boxes on a auction hoping to start beekeeping. I am situated in Mozambique where we have a warm and humid climate throughout the year.

I have no previous experience with beekeeping and only started researching recently. The boxes in the photo is the only equipmennt at my disposal at the moment.

I farm bananas and was hoping not only for some honey but also better production from my crops with the help of the bees. The bees already started swarming in some of the boxes in the storeroom where I stored them.

As I mentioned, I know nothing about beekeeping so any info and advice will help. It will also be appreciated if anyone can tell me where to start researching.




If you’ve already had bees swarming in your boxes, you’re ahead of the game! You don’t have to worry about getting queens and starting that route.

You’ll need some basic beekeeping equipment: Smoker, something for a hive tool, whatever protective gear you want/need.

This group is a GREAT learning resource. Read around, look around. Youtube is a great source of information, too.

Welcome aboard!


My understanding is that bees do not pollinate bananas. The flowers look a little large for honey bees. Most commercial banana plants (Cavendish etc) are self-fruitful. Wild bananas (the types with seeds in them) are mainly pollinated by bats and some birds. I don’t want to put you off beekeeping, it is wonderfully fascinating and rewarding. However, I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed if the bees don’t help your crops.

@MichaelD gave you some good ideas. I would also try to buy some books, such as Beekeeping for Dummies, to give you some basic knowledge of how to set up the hives. If you have specific questions, feel free to ask and we will do our best to help. :blush: