New to beekeeping pleas help - I can't see any eggs or brood in the hive

hi there
iam a new to beekeeping and i have a question for you guys

what happens to the hive if the queen out of the hive or dead ?

becuas i have a hive but i dont see any eggs or brood in the hive

If this is the case, then your hive will die out. Do you have access to another hive where you can take a frame of eggs. Bees will create a new queen from 1-2 day old eggs.
Otherwise, starting ringing around beekeepers and get yourself a new queen. Many beekeepers regularly replace their queens in autumn or fall and so they may have a spare or old queen to give you.

ok if i put a new queen in the hive so there will be two queens . is the bees will kill one of the queens and stay with the one queen ?

because i searched for the queen a couble weeks ago and i couldn’t find her

If you attempt to introduce a new queen to one that has a queen, they will kill the new queen. A frame of eggs and brood will avoid this issue. If they are queenless they can raise a queen. If they are not queenless, then the existing queen can continue and get mated and start laying. Usually there is a virgin queen in there somewhere when you see no eggs or brood.

thanks for the reply . so i dont need to get a new queen

I can’t say if they NEED a queen, but giving them the resources to raise one would answer that question. If they need one they will start queen cells. If they don’t need a queen it won’t hurt anything. If they start cells, then the next issue is whether in your climate getting that queen mated well is likely. It’s getting a bit late in the year here, but she might here, in Nebraska. I don’t know about where you are.

iam in saudi arabia and its summer for now but fall is near

My guess is a queen could get mated any time of year there.