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New to Honey Bees


Hey everyone… I am new to bee keeping and new to the forum! Just wanted to say hello. My bees are super active outside the hive today it is hot and humid… a lot are just flying around but there are still foragers coming and going… is this anything I need to worry about?


It could be bees doing orientation flights, a practice swarm or a fair dinkum swarm.


That reminds me of the first time I saw my hive swarm. Against the tsunami of bees emerging there were foragers returning with pollen battling to get in.


Thanks Jeff… I am very confident that it was orientation flights… I watched them for about 20 min (very relaxing). And then went inside… I went back out today and it was back to normal just the foragers constantly coming and going… Thanks for the answer!


No worries Joe, just be aware that at some point the bees will swarm. Just keep an eye on that.


I always have a hive made up and ready to be used. It is invaluable if a swarm occurs or if you decide to do a preemptive split of your hive. There is a lot to gain for you by having 2 hives rather than one and maintaining it doesn’t take that much extra time.
Welcome to the forum, lots of help and advise here.