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Lots of bees flying around the hive


I have noticed most afternoons around 2-3pm there are a lot of bees flying around the hive & entrance is this normal?
There are still the same amount coming & going collecting pollen & nectar
But lots are just flying around then landing & going back in the entrance.


Probably new foragers (older nurse bees) orienting themselves to the hive. Very cool to watch as the don’t go far from the hive, just looking at landmarks so when they go on longer journeys they know where to come back to! Home sweet home.


Nax, New bees including mine do this mesmerizing flight a lot. As the worker bees continue up the work chain they become forager age n must orient themselves to their individual hives before heading off. Usually if you watch closely individual bees take flight facing their hive n rock back n forth widening that flight more n more ! And higher n higher. When there are hundreds it is quite amazing to see. This is the all important orienteering flight. I really enjoy the bees come up the frank n file then begin their new job.

So much to learn n see around bees,


Thank you for the responses much appreciated
I was hoping that was what it was!


That is prime time for drones to leave the hive to go off gallivanting in the local DCA (drone congregation area). It may also be new bees orienting to the hive surrounds, as others have said. But drones like to sleep late, eat a late lunch, then seek fun in the afternoon… :smile:


Hi Dawn
I have not seen any drones at all or drone brood!
It’s coming info winter where I am so from what I understand (not a lot)
& have read That is normal for this time of year!
Please correct me if I’m wrong?


You are not wrong, it is just another possibility - I hadn’t registered that your hives are in upside-downland. :wink: