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New Virgin Queen and Larvae

I did an inspection today. I have a new queen after losing one recently. She was very small, so I presume still unmated.
However, while my eyes could be failing me, I thought I also found some larvae in a few cells. How could this be? Has anybody had this happen before?
I am effectively out of brood…only a little bit left. So i presume the old queen moved on before the new queen was established.
Let me know if any experienced beekeepers have any theories on this.

In a swarming situation swarming happens before the new queen emerges David. If the new queen is small she is likely to have recently emerged and not yet gone on her mating flight so not laying yet. An un-mated queen looks about the same size as a worker bee but still has a longer abdomen but not the size she will be after mating…

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