Newbie in the Barossa, South Australia

Hi- after deliberating about it for far too long, I have bought and assembled my first Flow 2 Hive- bees should be here in a week. I’m open to all thoughts and advice! My question is what do you do to keep all parts of the hive together especially in rough weather? I’m really looking forward to learning a whole lot (and quickly)

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Great to read you are getting underway with your beekeeping adventures using a Flow Hive, not long now till it will be buzzing away happily. When getting started, just use the base, brood box, inner cover and roof, as the Flow Super should only be added when the bees are at about 80% bee population in the Flow Super.

The bees propolis everything up quite quickly and you will find to remove the inner cover you will need to cut around the seam and lever it off. When the Flow Super is added on top the propolis already there acts to glue this down a bit too, but as the bees move in the weight of them, wax and nectar will keep everything together not to mention even more propolis put in place by the bees. If you are concerned about heavy winds knocking the hive over strap the entire hive down to the ground using ratchet straps and some stakes in the ground. Keep us updated and look into all the basics of getting started with your brood box, it is going to be great watching them progress.