Newbie to the hobby Seeking New but never used Flow Hives

Good afternoon all,

The name is Jeff and I’m from a very small village in Northern New Mexico, Los Ojos. I’m interested in purchasing a few Flow Hives from people who purchased them new but for whatever reason they never got around to building their Flow Hive.

If you have a new but unused Flow Hive up for sale I would appreciate an email.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Jeff B

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Hi Jeff, The Flow hive is great and I’ve found a few for resale on facebook market place but it’s rare. Beware of fake flow hives as well. Though you might consider just buying the super as it fits on the standard size brood boxes if your budget minded. That way you get the full support for parts.

Good Afternoon Martha,

Thank you so much for responding to my post.

So if I’m understanding you correctly you’re saying that I should start out with a regular langsroth style hive and then buy just the Flow 2 Super and then fill that frame with the Flow frames?

I see that you have 4 hives. How long have you been raising bees? Any experiences (good or bad) that you can tell me that may help me start out?

Would love to see some pics of your hives and bees.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,

Jeff Bebber

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I started out 3 years ago with one flowhive and it took me a while to understand the bees better that what I could ascertain on youtube books etc so I did not yield honey for the first 2 seasons though I invested in 2 more hives. Then it all came together and boom! I received lots of help from the forum and the flowhive staff. I’m saying if your on a frugal budget yes buy just the super. But if your not get the flow2 as it’s all inclusive of what you will need. The super is the honey harvesting method different than brood boxes. The super is a vessel which contains surplus honey the bees gather and makes it easy for the bee keeper to harvest without additional equipment.

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