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No guard Bees at entrance

One of my new hives has been doing very well since i received them up until a few days ago. I noticed 3 days ago no activity at the entrance other than few bees coming in and out with pollen. i checked the hive 5-6 times a day past 3 days and still no bees guarding entrance. So yesterday i opened up for an inspection. everything looked good full of bees and queen laying good and all frames built out except 1 and bees just starting to build some comb on it. so I’m not sure the reason behind no guard bees at the entrance. i do not have a reducer at the entrance but after inspection i did place some grass over about 3/4 of entrance. i have searched for a topic about this but have not found anything on it, so was reaching out to see what may be the cause of this and if its a problem.

If your inspection shows a healthy hive inside, I wouldn’t worry about it. Reducing the entrance is a very good idea though.

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ok thank you just seemed odd so wanted to double check with someone thanks again

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Depending on what kind of installation you did, it may just be that there aren’t many bees of the right age to guard the hive. Nurse bees become guard bees between 18 and 22 days after emerging. If there aren’t many bees of that age, you won’t see guards. That can happen with package bees. It doesn’t usually happen with a nucleus though. In a way, it really doesn’t matter if the inside of the hive looks well-populated and constructive. :blush:

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was nucs with 3 frames of brood, eggs, pollen and honey and working on 4th frame. what you have said makes since though

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Don’t worry about there being no guard bees, look at it as a luxury with a nuc but if the hive was threatened in some way the bee would defend it. As the hive builds in numbers you will see them at the entrance.

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Hi E,

I fully concur with Dawn n Peter on the don’t panic with lack of P.O.ed over zealous guard bees if all’s happy :smiley: n well inside.

Trust me … the hive will probably meet your guard bee quota soon enough. This season I had one overly aggressive colony out of 9 hives. I had to “put her down” about 5 or 6 weeks ago. Takes a bit to work thru overly protective colony of girls. Now I’m able to once again wonder my Apiary without a suit n not get nailed.

I believe Dawn mentioned reduction of the entrance to help the calm colony protect its assets n way of life. Just add this little knowledge to your notebook :notebook: n or brain :brain: for future reference!

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has it been cold? It’s cold where I am now and oftentimes there are no bees to be seen at the entrance. They are keeping cosy inside.