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No Honey in Flow Hive this year

Last year was our first time with the Flow Hive and we got 19 pounds of honey. This year we got the frames on in plenty of time and it has been months with bees going up into the flow frames but not a bit of honey - we tried dribbling a little honey on the frames about 2 weeks ago and still no sign of anything in the frames - no pollen, no wax, no honey - completely empty. We gave it up and replaced the flow frames with a standard honey box yesterday. Any idea why the bees won’t put honey there?

What did you do for the mites last year/this year? It’s time for winter prep…5 weeks ago…lol.

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Are the bees putting honey anywhere else, ie in the brood box, in the roof, burr comb between the boxes? How are your bees numbers? Bees across every frame, lots of capped brood? What’s flowering at the moment that provides a good nectar source in your area? So many factors to consider?

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That question is a hoary old chestnut, as the Brits have been known to say:


I had forgotten that we had the same problem last year and we did take out one of the flow frames and put in a frame of drawn comb and some honey from another hive to encourage the bees to go into the flow frames. Don’t know why we didn’t remember that. Now it’s too late in the season to try. Thanks for all the good comments.