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No Honey in Super

First year, 2 deeps and one super with plastic excluder. The hive is doing well. I am feeding as well as feeding pollen. Lots of bees in the super but no honey. There is honey on the tops of some frames. Now worried they wont have enough for winter. Suggestions, Comments. Questions welcomed.

Hi @Mike56

You’ll get some great tips here I’m sure. You are also very welcome to email info@honeyflow.com if you want us to help trouble shoot this issue with you :slight_smile:


How much honey do other beekeepers in your area leave on their colonies for winter?

I would guess it’s probably two deeps and a medium given your colder winters.

If you have a flow super on you should not be feeding, are you bees still foraging on their own? Do you have autumn nectar flows?

It’s not really ideal to use the flow super as storage for overwintering one cooler climates from my understanding.


Check with local bee keeper if there has been a dearth of nectar and if so then it is likely you will need to feed syrup to the hive. It doesn’t take long in a dearth for the bees to use all the honey on the brood frames.


Hi Mike, welcome to the forum,

Your winters are a lot colder than we get here in Australia but if I understand what’s been happening in your part of the world it’s also been a dry summer for bees with little forage.

You might have come across a youtube channel from beekeeper Frederick Dunn. He lives up your way somewhere and is a well respected voice on all things bees and flow hives. It might be worth chasing up some of his Q&A vids and throwing a few questions in his direction.


Yes we are having a very dry summer here. Thanks for your help


Hi Mike, welcome! When did you put the Flow super on? I’m going with the assumption that the super you mentioned IS a Flow, by what your profile says. So, if it’s been on long enough your bees were possibly able to give themselves (or the next colony) a head start and do some waxing in your Flow frames so far, but at this stage in NH you won’t see them get filled and capped before your nights are cluster-inducing cold :cold_face:, if they aren’t already! Your best bet is to take off the Flow super and follow steps to store it safely til spring, before the bees decide to propolize it.


Thank you for your comment. For months it has been very dry here. I think that is a big part of the problem. I am thinking I will keep feeding and use winter paddies, when it gets cold. thank you again for your help…

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Thank you … I will