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NorthWest Wyoming Beekeeping


Howdy! from Jackson Hole, in NorthWest Wyoming, just south of Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Parks.
I have been intrigued by beekeeping since, during the California years, our children’s 70+yo preschool teacher kept a small number of hives on her one acre property…and traded my bread for her honey. I always felt I got the better end of the deal, and now wish sweet Mrs. Nosworthy could see her influence blossom in our Short-Season Garden, Happy! Hen House, Turkey Corral and soon-to-be SnakeRiver Bee Hive.
Not knowing A THING about beekeeping but interested in supporting bees on our planet as well as enjoy delicious and nutritious Hoback, Wyoming honey, we decided to take the plunge. We trust this group of astute beekeepers to guide us to the resources, links, support, etc. to be able to successfully care for our Flow Hive and its inhabitants due to arrive in 2016.
i know it’s done all over the world, but especially interested in caring for bees during cold, hard winters where temps may dip to -20-30 for a couple of weeks at a time then hover around 0 for long periods.
Thank you in advance for your support…and, anyone else out there from NW Wyoming?


At the risk of tripping the ‘spam’ detector, may I invite you to visit our web site?

We’re in Casper, and the site is mostly aimed at beekeeping within Natrona County, but we also have a discussion board for all Wyoming beekeepers. Feel free to dive in and share!



Do you guys know anyone in Eastern Wyoming or Western Nebraska that I can get in contact with? The Nebraska Beekeeping group on FB and their website hasn’t respond to any of my messages to them :frowning:


Well, there area a couple I know of down in Cheyenne. Then of course, here in Casper. That any help to you?


Odd that I missed your reply till just now :frowning:

Oh Cheyenne is pretty close and looks to be where I need to go pick-up my package of new bees (going to order - in a few days I’ll pre-order) from Murdocks.


Give Prairie Wind Bee Supply in Cheyenne a call. They’re doing packages. Murdoch’s isn’t doing them here in Casper this year. Our club has a big, group order in to Prairie Wind. They’re a bit cheaper than Murdoch’s as well. http://prairiewindbeesupply.webs.com/

If Prairie Wind can’t help ya - check that place in Ft. Collins: http://www.fortcollinshoney.com/ - not dealt with them myself, but others here in town have and say good things.

As a last resort - go with Murdoch’s. If this year is anything like last - they’re not bad and do a decent job, but they do get a premium for the convenience. Since you have to drive down anyway - not so convenient.

In the mean time - hit up this group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1497651113858869/


Wow I forgot I had this thread. I had another user from the forums msg me with a link to Prairie Wind and I just ordered (need to mail the check) a Carni NUC :slight_smile: Really quick to e-mail with and they had NUCs!

Thanks for posting here!

Also I just clicked Join for the Facebook group, so now I’m just Pending to be added.


And looks like you’re in! See ya there.