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Not sure frames correctly set


I am a newbie here and just put my flow hive box on top of my hive here in Texas. Have a 10 frame deep on bottom with brood, a 10 frame deep on top of that full of honey and now the flow hive. I watched all the videos and set the frames just as they said by inserting the tool in the top slot and turning 90 degrees. It appears to me though that the individual cells are split. Maybe this is how they are supposed to look, nothing to compare to. I am going to try and attach a photo to show how they look. If it does not work I will repost with a link to the file. I have only had the flow hive box on for a few days.


Looks good to me… looks like honeycomb. They fill the spaces with wax :slight_smile:


Yes, they will and quickly, I will be harvesting soon.
https://ride.smugmug.com/Honey-Bees/Untitled-Project-13/i-pdD7Dnc/A places the box and frames on May 4th
https://ride.smugmug.com/Honey-Bees/Untitled-Project-13/i-wbfPkr8/A this was taken on May 30th


It’ll look like this soon:

And then they’ll start filling them.


…then it will look like this:


So am I correct in my original assumption that they fill in the gaps in the cells with wax then fill and cap?

Also, since you can just see the outside of one frame and the ends of all 7 how do you make sure that the cells are capped before you start to harvest. Would it not be possible for them to fill up a middle frame that would look full from the end but would not be capped yet? Should you just wait a week or so after a frame appears full before you tap that frame?

Thanks for the help. My Dad had bees but that was 50 years ago. Remember how to do the old time stuff but not familiar with this new approach but thought it was worth a try.


You can pull the flow frames like any other frame. Then you’ll see what’s capped.

This pic is two weeks old now. I didn’t check last week, because we had nasty weather and thus nasty bees… Will check on Friday and decide if it’s harvesting time yet. Since we had lots of canola, which will cristallize quite quickly (we don’t want cristallized honey in our flow frames, do we?) I think I won’t wait until last minute… Plus, I’m sooooo looking forward to the first harvest! :sweat_smile:


All appears ok. I too had the exact 100% same concerns as you have. I have just received my second Flow order (arrived in 2 days from time of placing order WOW) and I now have a total of 19 Flow frames and each and every one looks exactly like yours so they must be right.


I subbed to you on youtube :smiley: You have the same picture there too hehe.


That pic is a fave. Very non-country bumpkin.


On page 16 of the manual - http://www.honeyflow.com/media/docs/Flow_Full_Manual_061615.pdf , did you see this picture -


Yeah, just proves the point - when all else fails, read the instructions. I never did.


LOL yeah it sometimes helps :wink: