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Notes on leaving flow super over winter


Great to see these updates @Faroe


Just for interest. I have left my Flow Super on over this Winter. I robbed only once this year with about 18Kg and the Flow was back to about 50% full when the main nectar flow finished. That 50% has not changed much, maybe down a bit. This week in one frame, the bees will fill and cap 90% of the cells, next week they will uncap and not so much consume a lot of the honey but just seem to shift it around to another frame and cap it.

Very hard to do a lot of monitoring because of cool weather however looking through the windows the hive has lost no vigour and honey stocks fairly constant.
We do have the advantage of having good sources of nectar and pollen all year and on days when its not too cold, or windy or rainy the bees certainly are out in force. Have a couple of months yet before the spring blooms but I am confident the leaving the Flow on over Winter succeeded. I am planning to extract all the honey in the Flow mid/late Spring to be ready for the Marri flow of nectar which is our main source of honey for the year.

I caution, that leaving the Flow on in other areas and climates may detrimental to the hive and in most cases should be removed over Winter…


I am guessing our climates would be similar and a few weeks ago I fitted my two flow supers and conventional supers on the rest of the hives, although it is winter the bees have been increasing the pollen and nectar in all the hives and no reduction in bee numbers.
I guess one mans winter is another mans summer. Today I did a split of a hive, brood and super, which if left much longer it would likely have swarmed. Here there is pollen and nectar foraging for all the year.