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Nuc or package in June

I am getting my Flow Hive 2 Cedar 6 in the next week. I have a nuc lined up to install when it arrives. I like the idea of the foundationless frames but my nuc will have 5 frames with foundation. After it is installed how do i go about working those frames out of my hive? Should I start with a package instead of a nuc to avoid this situation? Since it’s going to be mid June I was worried that a package may not have enough time to get ready for winter. Is this a valid concern? Thanks

Welcome to the forum Jerry, there is lots of reading here and some great folks happy to give you tips and advice as you begin in bee keeping.
Your first concern should be to expand the colony to become a full hive with a minimum of disruption by you. Frames of foundation in a hive is not an issue, there are many here, including me, who use frames of foundation in hives. Give the bees time to build and store pollen and honey for Winter and if you feel you need to cycle out frames then I would advise it better done next Spring.

Wait at least a full season. Like Pete says colony strength and health should be your priority. And as nice as new natural comb is it’ll just look like the rest in time especially the brood comb.

Rotating out frames every couple of years is good hygiene but a nuc is small and depending on your weather and time of year getting the brood and colony up to strength is your first goal.

Transfer, feed and regular checks. :+1:

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