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Nuc wanted Denmark Western Australia

Hi. Looking for a nuc in western australian great southern. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers Mark


Down your way there are a few possibilities. I’d start with Ripple Farm Beekeeping in Albany. They have a storefront for beekeeping supplies and also produce Nucs. If they don’t have any I’m sure they’ll give you some local pointers.


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Hi Adam, Thanks for the advice. I have tried to contact them via email and phone but no reply as yet. They maybe on holidays I will follow up again tomorrow. Just a questiuon if you dont mind. Is this time of year OK to start a hive or should I wait for spring? I am keen to get going. Cheers

I’m not as in touch with your area. In a normal season, yes to install and build up to overwinter. In a. Good year you may get a small harvest. Ripple should be able to give you an indication.