Looking for a spare nuc

If anyone has a spare nuc around the Perth WA area, I would be happy to take it off your hands.
However, as long as it has a docile queen and no AFB included.
I have had enough stings from aggressive bees, lol
But seriously, I’m looking for a quiet nuc.
Cheers, George

I know some people in Perth. How much are you prepared to pay?

Hi JeffH, prepared to pay a reasonable amount
Cheers G

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Hi George, that’s good to know, the people I know will probably read this. If they have any spare nucs with quiet queens they are looking to sell, no doubt they’ll contact you.

@George_Perth I’ve been happy with the docility and production of Nucs I’ve bought from Chittering Valley Honey.

If you were closer I’d offer you some. We are selling some 4f and 8f to raise money for a WAAS training and demonstration apiary in Bunbury at ECU. We have some beautiful queens from a 2019/20 Rottness Is queen. I know they are docile as I have 8 of them in my from yard.

Hi Adam, thanks for your reply.
You’re right, Bunbury is a bit too far.
But I will probably give give Chittering Valley Honey a call and see what they have.
Cheers, G

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